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Complete 1099 eFiling service includes printing and mailing forms to your recipients and electronic filing with the IRS

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Manage current and prior year returns and corrections

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Choose between eFile only and eFile, print and mail

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Verify recipient name and tax ID before filing

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1099-NEC direct state reporting services available

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Enter your information

Input your company filer and recipient information with a form or Excel file upload.

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Create forms

Select the forms you need and eFileMyForms will automatically create up-to-date, compliant returns.

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Print and mail

The Print and Mail Service includes IRS-approved forms mailed to your recipients. PDF copies are available for download and print.

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We file with the IRS

We electronically file your returns with the IRS and relevant state agencies (if applicable).


IRS Filing for 1099, 1098, 5498 & W2 Forms

Forms per OrdereFile, Print and MaileFile Only
If you have more than 1,000 forms and would like information on additional products and services designed specifically for high volume filers, click here.

1099 Add On Services

1099-NEC Direct State Reporting Service
All eligible 1099-NEC returns, subject to filing with the states, can be added to each order at check out for $1.49 per state return. This service is available for eligible states only. For more information visit our 1099-NEC direct state reporting service page.  

TIN Matching Service
A bulk TIN match of all recipient name/TIN data can be added to each order for $1.00 per check.  Adding this service will apply to all forms in the order.

Form 1042-S

Forms per OrdereFile, Print and MaileFile Only
Please note that eFileMyForms continues to support print, mail and electronic filing for the 1042-S form. However, the service does not support the electronic filing of the associated 1042 consolidated statement of payments and withholding to the IRS Modernized eFile (MeF) system for tax year 2023. For more information on this new 1042 eFile requirement and a reporting service offered through Sovos, please visit our 1042 withholding blog to learn more.

Tax Identification Number (TIN) Matching 

Avoid errors and costly fines with this proactive add-on service. Ensure name and tax identification number (TIN) matching of your recipient’s Social Security Number (SSN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN) with the IRS.

Add TIN Matching for all recipients in any order for $1 per form. This is a small price to pay to avoid potential IRS penalties, up to $270 per TIN mismatch. 

If you need to validate TIN/Name combinations in real-time throughout the year, check out our tax identity validation service.

1099-NEC Direct State Reporting

In addition to filing your 1099-NEC forms with the IRS, there are over 30 states and the District of Columbia that require some form of 1099-NEC return information.

Some of these state reporting requirements are satisfied by the CF/SF program, while many others require the return information to be reported directly with the state. 

With different requirements, formats and reporting thresholds, direct state filing can add complexity to your annual process. eFileMyForms can help manage these state obligations for you. 

Visit the 1099-NEC State Reporting Page for all the details.

Need a solution for high volume filing?

Sovos has a number of 1099, W-2 and ACA reporting solutions for high volume filers with complex needs.  If you are a financial institution or business needing a solution that supports more complex form types, extended capabilities for eStatements, real-time TIN matching, B-notices, withholding or Managed Services, explore all of our 1099 filing services.

Additional Services from eFileMyForms

eFileMyForms provides you with tools to accurately and efficiently eFile your taxes with the IRS.

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ACA Reporting

Simplify your federal and state Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting requirements with cost-effective 1095 filing and print/mail services.

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1099-NEC Direct State Reporting

Ensure compliance everywhere you do business with 1099-NEC direct state filing services.

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