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Thousands of Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) and Third-Party Administrator (TPA) trust eFileMyForms to help simplify ACA reporting.

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Supports Federal and Direct State ACA Filings

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Import data from any system with simple-to-use templates

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Choose eFile only or eFile, Print and Mail to employees

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Download PDF copies of forms

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Process corrections if needed

eFileMyForms Makes it Easier

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Enter your information

Securely import employee coverage data via CSV or Excel file.

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Data is validated

eFileMyForms data validations will highlight any errors for correction before filing.

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Print and mail

After you generate the needed forms (and choose ACA direct state filing for CA, NJ, RI, and DC, if applicable), validate order total and check out.

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We file with the IRS

We print IRS-approved forms, mail to your recipients and/or eFile with the proper agencies. You can check the status and print PDF copies at any time.

ACA State Filings

Certain states have implemented their own mandates for the ACA, including California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia. eFileMyForms supports the eFiling of Forms 1095-B/C and Massachusetts Form MA 1099-HC.

Employers must now file their employees’ offer of health coverage information with their state agency and furnish recipient copies if the state requires it. Learn more about ACA requirements and state mandates by visiting our resource center here.


Affordable Care Act Form 1095-B & 1095-C (No charge for 1094 Transmittals)

Forms per OrdereFile, Print and MaileFile Only
5,001- 10,000$2.09$0.79

ACA Add On Service: Direct State Reporting
Direct ACA state filing is available for an annual setup fee of $99 per state and $1.49 per form. Setup fees will only be charged to the first order of the tax year and the $1.49 per form fee will be charged for all state-eligible forms on that order. The ACA Direct State Reporting Service is for eligible states only.

Our Other Services

eFileMyForms provides you the tools needed to accurately and efficiently eFile.

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1099 Filing

Simple IRS filing and print/mail services, TIN matching and 1099-NEC direct state filing.

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1099-NEC Direct State Reporting

Ensure compliance everywhere you do business with 1099-NEC direct state filing services.

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