General FAQs

TIN Matching FAQs

What forms are supported?

Visit our forms page for information on all supported forms.

Does eFileMyForms support corrections?

Yes If you filed original 1099, 1095, W-2 and 1042-S forms with eFileMyForms you can manage corrections for current and prior tax years.  For more details log in to your account and visit the Help Center for more details.

How does eFileMyForms pricing work?

Visit our pricing page for all pricing details.

How do I calculate the pricing for my 1099, 1098, 5498 & W2 order?

Here is an example to help you calculate your order:

IRS Reporting:
For this example, you need to file 12 forms with the IRS – consult the table on the Pricing page and select the price per form for your preferred option:

  • eFile, Print and Mail – 12 forms x $4.09/form = $49.08
  • eFile only – 12 forms x $2.39/form = $28.68

You can also combine “eFile, Print & Mail” and “eFile Only” on the same order and will be charged the appropriate amount for each service.

TIN Matching:
If you choose to add the TIN Match service to the order above the check will be completed for all forms in the order for $1.00 per form: 12 checks x $1.00 per check = $12.00

1099-NEC Direct State Reporting:

  • Building on the example above – the 12 forms are 1099-NEC forms for recipients in 3 different states – Alabama (3 forms), Arkansas (4 forms) and Mississippi (5 forms).
  • Arkansas participates in the CF/SF program – these 4 forms will be forwarded to the Arkansas Department of Revenue by the IRS free of charge.
  • Alabama and Mississippi require direct reporting of the 1099-NEC. If you choose to add this service, eFileMyForms will directly file to these states for $1.49 per form. The calculation for this would be 8 forms x $1.49 = $11.92

In this example if you selected eFile, Print & Mail, TIN Match and 1099-NEC Reporting Service the total of the order would be:

  • eFile, Print and Mail – 12 forms x $4.09/form = $49.08
  • TIN Match – 12 checks x $1.00 per check = $12.00
  • 1099-NEC Direct State Reporting – 8 forms x $1.49 = $11.92
  • Order Total = $73.00 – Plus any applicable sales tax

How do I calculate the pricing for my 1095 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Forms?

Here is an example to help you calculate your IRS order:

For this example, you offer a self-insured health plan to your 85 full time employees. Consult the table on the Pricing page and select the price per form for your preferred option:

  • eFile, Print and Mail – 85 forms x $3.89/form = $330.65
  • eFile only – 85 forms x $2.29/form = $194.65

You can also combine “eFile, Print & Mail” and “eFile Only” on the same order and will be charged the appropriate amount for each service.

ACA Direct State Reporting:

For this example, let’s assume your company and employees are located in California. This means that in addition to the IRS you also need to report your 85 forms to the CA Franchise Tax Board.

  • ACA Direct State Reporting setup fee of $99.00 is only charged once per state, per tax year and is applied to the first state order. For this order there would be one state setup fee of $99.00.
  • In addition to the state setup fee there is a charge of $1.49 per ACA form directly filed with the states. For this order 85 forms x $1.49 = $126.65.

For this order example the total with eFile, Print and Mail and Direct State Filing would be:

  • eFile, Print and Mail – 85 forms x $3.89/form = $330.65
  • ACA state setup fee – $99.00
  • State form charge – 85 forms x $1.49 = $126.65
  • Order Total = $556.30 – Plus any applicable sales tax

I signed up for eFileMyForms. How do I start filing forms?

Check out the Quick Start Guide in the eFileMyForms Help Center. It will give you an easy to follow overview of how to file your forms.

When am I eligible for a refund?

You are eligible for a refund if you cancel your order with customer support before it has been processed for printing or eFiling. If you cancel your order, you can choose to receive a refund or filing credit that can be used to file forms of an equal value in the future.

Refunds may take up to 2 weeks. Refund requests for orders in January and February may be delayed longer due to the increase in transactions during those months.

Note: Clicking Void Term on a form does not make you eligible for a refund. If you want to be issued a refund or filing credit you must contact customer service.

What is a state ID number?

A state ID number is issued by the state to your company generally for state tax withholding purposes. To obtain a state ID number, contact your state’s tax department.

If you aren’t required by the state to include a state ID number, you can ignore prompts to enter a state ID number.

What is the Combined Federal & State Filing Program (CFSF)?

As an eFileMyForms customer, you are automatically enrolled in the Combined Federal/State Filing Program (CFSF) when you file certain 1099 forms with us. Through CFSF, the IRS will electronically file original information returns to participating states for approved filers.

Please Note

  • CFSF only includes the IRS 1099 series forms. Form W2 is an SSA form and not part of the program, so any required state filing must be done directly with the state and is not part of the eFileMyForms service.
  • The rules for submitting these forms vary by state, with some only requiring them under very specific circumstances. The 1099-K & 1099-OID are part of the CFSF program but are not currently supported by eFileMyForms.
  • While the IRS has included the 1099-NEC to the CFSF program for tax year 2021, in order to ensure accurate and timely filing, eFileMyForms is only supporting direct filing to states that require it.

Forms in the CFSF Program

Proceeds from Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions
Dividends and Distributions
Certain Government Payments
Interest Income
Payment Card and Third-Party Network Transactions
Miscellaneous Income
Original Issue Discount
Taxable Distributions Received from Cooperatives
Distributions From Pensions, Annuities, Retirement or Profit-Sharing Plans, IRAs, Insurance Contracts, etc.
IRA Contribution Information

Participating CFSF States
New Jersey
New Mexico
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina

Caution: As part of the eFileMyForms Print & Mail Service, a recipient does receive a 4-part form which has a copy that can be included with their state return. The filer needs to contact the state’s tax department or seek advice from a professional to find out if they need to file the W2 directly with the state. If they do need to file with the state, they can print out the PDFs online for submission to the state.

What is eDelivery/electronic Delivery? (1095-B & 1095-C)?

If you are required to submit a written statement to the recipient, you may submit the statement electronically instead of mailing it on paper. This includes submitting the statement to recipients of forms 1095-A, 1095-B, and 1095-C.

If you’re importing a 1095-B or 1095-C XLS file, you can include each recipient’s e-mail address and we’ll e-mail them in order to get their consent to eDelivery. If the recipient consents to eDelivery, the recipient can access their information immediately after you finish the checkout process of the 1095 form.

Recipients can revoke their consent for the next tax year by clicking the remove consent link in the e-mail that is provided to them when originally asking for consent. Recipients can revoke consent until the 1095-C is sent to them. After the form has been accessed from the website, there’s no option for physically mailing the form as IRS requirements are already met.

If the recipient doesn’t consent to receiving the statement electronically, a paper copy will automatically be sent to the mailing address on the recipient’s tax form.

Can I have multiple users on the same account?

Yes, you can. Additional users can log in using the same login credentials. This way multiple users can access the account at the same time.

A single account doesn’t support multiple login credentials. All users must use the same username and password to access the account.

Note: Don’t edit the same data at the same time as another user. One of your changes won’t be saved.

What forms of payment can I use?

eFileMyForms only accepts credit cards such as Visa, Discover, Mastercard, Amex, etc.

When do I get billed?

You are going to be billed when you check out. After you have reviewed and placed your order, you will be billed, and the forms will be sent to the IRS/SSA.

What is eFileMyForms’ cancellation policy?

An order can be canceled up until eFileMyForms begins processing said order. Typically, eFileMyForms begins processing forms immediately after an order has been placed. However, if you use eFileMyForms’ delayed processing service your forms will have the Pending status until your selected processing date. When an order is pending it can be modified or canceled. When an order is no longer pending it can’t be canceled. Due to the speed and automated nature of our service, we encourage you to thoroughly review your data before placing an order.

If you’d like a refund for your canceled order you must speak with customer service. For more information on refunds, please read the When am I eligible for a refund? article in the eFileMyForms Help Center.

What is the TIN matching service?

With the TIN matching service, we verify that the Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN) used in your forms are correct before they are sent to the IRS.

A TIN mismatch occurs when the IRS can’t match the TIN and name to the IRS databases. A TIN can be either a Social Security Number (SSN) or an Employer Identification Number (EIN). If the IRS/SSA finds a mismatch in your form(s) each mismatch can result in penalties as high as $540 per record according to the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010.

Using our TIN matching service can help you avoid or minimize your exposure to these penalties.

Note: Our optional TIN matching service can be added to an order when you use either of our Print, Mail, eFile or eFile Only services.

What are the penalties for missing and incorrect TIN/Name?

  1. If you update and file your form(s) before the IRS filing deadline there is no penalty.
  2. If you update and file your forms within 30 days of the IRS deadline, you’ll get a $100 penalty per form ($50 for the recipient statement and $50 for filing late).
  3. If you update and file your forms by August 1, you’ll get a $200 penalty per form ($100 for the recipient statement and $100 for filing late).
  4. If you fix and update your forms after August 1, you’ll get a $540 penalty per form ($270 for the recipient statement and $270 for filing late).
  5. If you ignore the TIN/Name mismatch, you’ll get a $1060 penalty ($530 for the recipient statement and $530 for filing late).

When will I be notified of the results?

TIN matching can take up to 1 week from the time you place your order, and your credit card is successfully charged.

How will I be notified of the results?

After we perform the TIN matching on the forms in your order, we will send you an email with the subject line TIN Match Completed. Once you receive the email, log into your account and review your order to see if there are any forms that failed the TIN matching. If you don’t receive this email after a week, check your spam folder. If you don’t find an email there, you can log in and check your order to see your TIN matching status.

What do I do if a form fails the TIN matching?

  1. If your forms have already been transferred for print, mail, or electronic filing with the IRS/SSA, for each mismatch check your source documentation to see if the TIN matching failure was caused by a typo. If the W-9 form or other source documentation agrees with your tax forms, then consider requesting the TIN and name again by sending out a W-9 form. When you get the new W-9 form, update your records for the next year.
  2. Be sure to keep a folder with dated copies of W-9 forms sent out as well as any other updates or notes as the IRS will require these notes as proof that the error was a reasonable mistake and not intentional negligence. For more information, refer to the IRS Publication 1586 “Reasonable Cause Regulation & Requirements for Missing and Incorrect Name/TINs” (page 7 of this publication).
  3. If you receive a corrected TIN from the payee, include it on any future return filed for that payee. An employer should also file a zero correction even if the employer is only filing to correct an employee’s TIN.

What do I do if a form passes the TIN matching?

In this case you don’t need to do anything. The TIN and name you provided are correct.

What is the cost of the TIN matching service?

The TIN matching service costs $1 per form. So if you have 10 forms in an order, there will be an additional $10 fee added to the order total. This additional charge will show as a line item in your order.