Avoid errors and costly fines by verifying your Tax identification numbers (TINs) in advance of the hectic January reporting season. Matching of your recipient’s name and Social Security Number (SSN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN) will compare your recipient data with IRS records to ensure your information is correct and avoid time-consuming and potentially expensive penalties down the road.

How the Process Works with E-File My Forms

  1. When you’ve completed your forms and added them to your cart, you have the option to add TIN Matching at checkout.
  2. The service will securely submit all of your name/TIN/EIN data to the IRS service to either verify that the information is correct or highlight any mismatches.
    You’ll receive an email when your results are completed. This usually takes about 72 hours from purchase.
  3. Log back into your account to review the results, identify any mismatches that need to be addressed and solicit correct information with a W-9 form from your recipient.
  4. Correct your records before filing, saving you valuable time and potential penalties later.

Cost of TIN Matching Service
TIN Matching is only $1 per form, which is a small price to pay to avoid potential IRS penalties that can cost as much as $290 per TIN mismatch.

Check your TIN / Name combinations in real-time throughout the year with TINCheck.com